Thursday, December 5, 2013

TOP 10 most dangerous Holidays & Celebrations for Drivers

Holidays mean celebration, and celebration often means having a drink with friends. While most drink responsibly, however, many will overindulge – and some will get behind the wheel even when they are intoxicated.

What are the most dangerous holiday for drunk driving and car accident fatalities?

  1. New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, far too many people ring in the New Year with too many drinks – and the fact that the parties last until after midnight mean that party goers often drink for hours before driving home. 
  2. Independence Day. Fireworks, barbeques… and booze. Be extra careful on July 4 and make sure that any drinking friends and family members get home safe or have a place to sleep it off. 
  3. Memorial Day. The chances of a drinking-and-driving accident skyrocket from the Friday before Memorial Day and last throughout the weekend. 
  4. Labor Day. This three-day weekend marks the end of summer – and 72 hours in which traffic accident numbers often soar due to irresponsible drinking. 
  5. Thanksgiving. Part of Thanksgiving is about enjoying lots of food and drink, but some people may go overboard and then attempt to drive home. 
  6. Halloween. Parties, dark costumes, and large numbers of child pedestrians are a bad combination when it comes to drunk-driving accidents and pedestrian accidents. 
  7. Christmas Eve. Christmas is partially about raising a glass of cheer, but many people celebrate too much or drink to pass the hours with stressful family members. It’s actually much safer to drive on Christmas Day, when most festivities take place in the morning and don’t involve drinking. 
  8. St. Patrick’s Day. A celebration that largely involves beer and pubs is bound to end with some irresponsible revelers getting behind the wheel. 
  9. Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not an official holiday, but millions watch every year – and some decide to drive after watching an afternoon of football and drinking. 
  10. Father’s Day. While Mother’s Day doesn’t boast a higher rate of drunk driving accidents than other days, Father’s Day does. Think twice before celebrating with Dad without having a plan to get home safely.

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